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What is SLAM Camp?

SLAM Camp is a three or four day non-residential camp for students from years 1 to 7 at risk of or identified with learning differences. 

SLAM Camp provides intensive small group structured literacy or numeracy tuition,
followed by varied activities designed to build relationships and confidence.

At past camps these activities have included clay, robotics, circus skills, dance,
netball, soccer and orienteering.

Being a day camp, SLAM camp typically begins at 9am and finishes at 3pm, with some exceptions depending on timetables and location.

Students are required to bring their own snacks, lunch and drinks, and in some cases students will be required to bring their learning devices to further support their learning.

Parents are not required to attend however all carers must sign in their
children on the first day.

At most SLAM Camps, there are information and learning sessions for parents, carers and adults, which run during camp time.

 For information on our Melbourne 2023 sessions please click here...