SLAM Camp & Project Ignite in January., 2021- CANCELLED DUE TO COVID 19

What is Emotional Intelligence?

The emotional toll that dyslexia can have on our children and our families can be overwhelming. Anxiety and depression are all too common, and often families and teachers are not sure how to best support our students.

The MSL Club Australia is very aware of this, and so feels privileged to offer Christine Clancy as a facilitator for two more Emotional Intelligence workshops in Wollongong and Melbourne. 

Emotional Intelligence is the ability to recognise, understand and manage our own emotions and also recognise, understand and influence the emotions of others. 

Understanding more about your own Emotional Intelligence helps you to relate in a more meaningful and supportive way with yourself, and with your family.

Further benefits include:

  • Greater confidence and self esteem
  • Less stress and conflict
  • Ability to manage your negative feelings
  • An understanding of why we behave badly
  • Improved problem solving skills

As parents and teachers of students who have dyslexia and other related challenges, we need to be even more in tune with how our children are coping day to day. The day long course is aimed at providing you with the skills to:

    • Help build your child’s confidence and self esteem
    • Understand your child’s emotions
    • Develop tools to help regulate emotions
    • Gain control in a loving and supportive way
    • Discover your level of Emotional Intelligence