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Advocacy and Information Day Melbourne

Tuesday 15th January 2019
9am - 3pm

St Joan of Arc Primary School
30 Dendy Street

Brighton, Victoria

The Advocacy and Information day is aimed at family members, teachers, and aides of children with or at risk of dyslexia.

Often when a child is flagged or assessed as being dyslexic, people are unsure of what that actually means for their child and do not know where to begin in terms of best supporting their child academically and emotionally.

Our Advocacy and Information day is designed to support people by giving them resources and information about how they can best support a child at school and at home.


Presentation topics will include: 

1- A presentation regarding the use of Microsoft Tools to support students with learning differences at home and at school.

2- Supporting a child’s emotional needs.

3- Jemima Hutton will talk about her journey within the education system as a dyslexic person.


3-What is dyslexia? Dyscalculia? The types of dyslexia and what you can do straight away in the classroom to support all learners, with Sarah Asome.

4-  Elise Cassidy talks about writing for struggling students and accommodations within that area. 


4- Olivia Connelly talks about making sense of a written numeracy diagnosis and how to support your students.

5- Julie Mavlian/Sarah Asome  plus Q and A

How to communicate and set up rapport with your child’s school, what to look for when choosing a school for your child, taking a look at how to offer hands on support at home for dyslexia moving from primary to high school, and supporting a smooth transition from primary to secondary school.



Troy Waller (Microsoft Australia)

Christine Clancy (Emotional Intelligence Consultant)

Jemima Hutton (dyslexic presenter)

Sarah Asome (Teacher and Advocate)

Elise Cassidy (Speech Pathologist)

Olivia Connelly (Director of Gameplan)

Julie Mavlian (Teacher, Advocate, Advisor for Five from Five)

Please note: 

BYO morning tea and lunch. To cut down on wastage, it will not be provided on the day.


**Tea and Coffee ONLY will be available for purchase.