SLAM Camp & Project Ignite in January., 2021- CANCELLED DUE TO COVID 19

1 - 1 Tuition

Students with learning differences respond best to explicit, structured and
multisensory instruction. Many students are lucky enough to have access to
an educator within their community that can support them with their literacy or
numeracy, either at school or privately.

We understand however, that this may not be possible for a number of
reasons, most commonly that there is no one available in your area. This may
be because there is no one teaching evidence based programs, methods, or
pedagogies, or that the closest educator is a long distance away.

The Learning Creative is proud to offer 1:1 online sessions for students with
learning differences in both literacy and numeracy to help make instruction and
intervention ore accessible.
The sessions are available at $90 per hour and are booked in for a term at a time.
A two-week trial is available, however we recommend that you check your
internet speed before hand to eliminate this as a potential issue. The trial cost is
upfront at the beginning of the two weeks.

For any further questions, please email us at



Our educators are:

  • Teacher trained professionals with current registration or WWCC.
  • Available during the school day, while your child is AT school. Other times are negotiable.
  • Accessible to students’ interstate and even internationally.

Please check that you are properly set-up for 1 - 1 education by checking the list below.


  • You will need fast speed internet in order to support online delivery through Zoom. Usually schools are well equipped.
  • A computer/laptop and head set.
  • Permission from your school for your child to participate in online learning via Zoom while at school. This usually requires some form of supervision and could include an aide or librarian somewhere near by.